Sites, Addresses, and Tips

This is where I’m going to list out all the different petition sites I’m coming across, the different addresses of people to contact, as well as tips for an effective campaign.

I’ve been informed that writing to any other network besides Fox is going to be a wasted effort. Hart Hanson’s work is legally bound to Fox, so another station cannot simply just pick it up. Because of this, I’ve removed the USA Network info from the donation and send a map pages. I am leaving it here for reference. Just know that should any other network get the rights, (huge long shot) it would be a completely different group of writers and producers in charge of the show.

Sites Portal site for all things Save the Finder. Good site to link to for the petition and twitter updates. Facebook group page. Facebook fan page.  Scroll to the bottom and send them an email suggestion to pick up The Finder if Fox doesn’t renew! Send an email! This petition site has 1,162 signatures at the time I wrote this. This is a great start! (Update 5/14 – 3,459 signatures!) (Update 5/15 Noon – 4,614!!!) (Update 5/16 – 8am – 5,440!) (Update 5/18 – 10am – 7,115!!!) (Update 5/21 – 10pm – 10,000!!!! WOW!)  (Update 6/4 – 7:00pm 13,970!) Another petition/poll page. A twitter petition site.


Fox Network

Fox Broadcasting Co.
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Fox Broadcasting Co.
C/O The Finder
10201 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Mr. Kevin Reilly
President – FOX
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900
RE: The Finder

USA Network

USA Network
30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York, NY 10112

I can’t find a specific email address, so it looks like the best way to email is to send in something to the  link.

FX Network

It’s been suggested that this would also be a great network to try to talk into picking up The Finder. I’m all for that, whatever it takes!!!


P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

Sponsor Information – it’s been suggested that we write to the sponsors of Fox Shows to let them know how much we loved the show and how we saw their products being advertised during the show! I think it’s a good idea, because advertising dollars are what run the stations!

Johnson and Johnson
media contact email address:

(212) 763-3061

A link to fill out a form:

Absolut Vodka








One of the BEST tips I’ve seen is this page here.
How To Take Action To Get A Cancelled Show Back On The Air And I think we’re doing it just right!

And don’t forget about helping to Find a cure for cancer to help save The Finder! I really think this is a great concept and if everyone who visits this site will donate $5, we can be part of something incredible!

Thanks everyone!


17 thoughts on “Sites, Addresses, and Tips

  1. this is awesome…way to go love the site

    • Thanks! I’m hoping that it’s interesting enough to have people keep coming back! 🙂

    • love what you are doing…just a heads up…don’t want to seem petty but I created the save the finder fb page…Amber created the petition…but we are all working together for the cause…thanx…
      Joseph Sheridon

      • Stacy created the petition. You and Amber both created different FB pages. Yours is a community page. Amber’s is a group page. However, I didn’t name any names above, so not sure where there is coming from…?

      • Um, if you had bothered to Google “Save the Finder”, you’d see there are multiple FB pages devoted to the cause, and yours isn’t what I’d consider the best one. At least not one to go to if I want to actually find info on how the cause is actually doing, and support we’ve actually received. It’s also very hard to actually find links to help the cause on your FB. So don’t get huffy, just be grateful that she’s even featuring you on her wonder WordPress to Keep the Finder and Donate to Cure Cancer page.

  2. Petition site signatures up to 3100+ as of now! Let’s keep up the GREAT WORK!

  3. Sarah Thompson

    I hope that we can get it a 2nd chance and renewed!! The Finder deserves more time it seriously is a good series! Thanks for all the petitions and lets hope the right people get the idea and the show comes back 🙂

  4. Emily

    Heads up, you need to add the FX Network to the list of contacts. They are our best optuion for a cable pickup. USA is affiliated with NBC, not FOX. Keep up the good work!

  5. over 7500 sigs now…whoop whoop LOL

  6. Pingback: Save The Finder!! « Star Ten Thousand

  7. Sylvia

    So, the map campaign is over, and now I’m writing to sponsors, like your page recommends bc I really want this show back. I had an idea for another campaign, (or it might already be a campaign that I just haven’t heard of yet, don’t mean to be taking someone else’s idea deliberately). On deviantart someone made an exact replica of their neighborhood out of food products and stuff, mimicking what Walter does on the show when he sets up models, with a big ‘Save The Finder’ sign in the middle, and sent it in to Fox. Maybe we could all do that for the next campaign? I’m going to do that anyway. It’s fun, it’s quirky, and it’s true to The Finder spirit and unorthodox way of trying to get results 🙂

    • what a fun idea!!! kind of work intensive, but some of the people out there are quite creative…..i think sending copies of pictures of these types of activities to news media might garner attention….does your friend who made that have a new times? or some other newspaper that loves an underdog story? 🙂

      • Sylvia

        The person who made the replica of their neighborhood actually isn’t someone I know. I found it on deviantart when I typed in “Save The Finder” looking to see if there was any sort of organized effort there to save the show.

  8. That would be fun! I will throw the idea out there on the Save The Finder page and see if there is enough interest for a campaign! Thanks!

  9. i am still sending a map, and a postcard every saturday… i the only one??? i think it is good to keep sending real stuff to fox…..imho!

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