Send A Map Event Info

UPDATED! Send A Map is to be a weekly event every Saturday! Keep those letters and maps rolling in every week. A stamp is only 45 cents, and worth so much more if it means saving our favorite show!

Hey everyone!

Here’s the info on the Send a Map Event if you’re not on Facebook. This is a really neat idea, and one that is very easy for our friends in other nations to join in on as well!

The goal is to have all the Finder Fans send a map in the mail every Saturday. The map should be of your home state, and in the middle of the map, write the words, “SAVE THE FINDER!”

You can either choose to buy a map, or you can print one off. Some useful websites are:

Go ahead and mark your city on the map, then they’ll know exactly how widespread the viewship is. 🙂 It’s also been suggested to write a short letter describing why you love The Finder, and include your demographic information (age, gender, etc) which is good info for the stations. They like to know the stats on who is watching!
Send to this address:

Mr. Kevin Reilly
President – FOX
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA  90213-0900
RE: The Finder

In the meantime, remember to drop by the American Cancer Society’s website and donate $5 (or more!) in the name of Walter Sherman! Each donation gives the option to send out 5 cards to who ever we choose. It’s funding a great organization, and showing the networks exactly how serious we are about keeping The Finder on tv!

If you have any other fun ideas, let me know!


22 thoughts on “Send A Map Event Info

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  5. kristin

    Got mine already to go! Let’s Do this!

  6. Lee

    Brilliant. Done.

    Just like The Finder

  7. Kim


  8. Karen Messick


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  11. save Walter Sherman

  12. jamie

    I’m sending one!

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  15. Garry

    While I hope the petitions and send a map efforts work out perhaps the network shouldn’t be the only target. The companies that advertised during the show might be interested to hear that their ads were noticed and their support of the show is appreciated. Their advertising folks might get on board and help with the ever so important $ vote… Anyone got enough episodes on a PVR to make a list of products/companies?

  16. Lynn

    hey, are people still sending maps? I just found out that this show was canceled and want to help any way I can. I already signed the petition and telling my friends to sign as well.

    • Hi Lynn! Yep, people are still sending maps! It’s a weekly event every Saturday. Certainly get your friends and family involved as well! Have you found the Save The Finder facebook page? It’s a good place to keep up to date on what’s happening!

  17. Oksana & Sean

    Are you still doing this? If so I would love to help. My wife and I both love this show so much. I actually bought the series on iTunes, even though you can watch it on hulu, just to show my support. It is by far the most clever and funny show I have seen in a long time. We love all the characters so much and the story lines are fantastic.

  18. Lalita

    I wanna help!But I’m from Brazil…and here the serie was released on May, so….we don’t had the chance to watch it and it was canceled!

  19. Dilyana

    Is this thing with the maps still going? I love this show, I don’t want it shut off like the rest of the good shows =/

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