R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan

I’m sure most of you have heard the news by now. The actor who played Leo passed away today. My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family to help them get through the rough weeks and months ahead.

It’s natural to wonder how this is going to affect the fight to get a season 2, or at the very least a movie to tie up the loose ends. But let’s hold off on that for the time being. Let’s remember a wonderful actor and honor him for who he was.

We will all miss him.

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You ever feel like Dory?

“Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming…..” lalalala

You know who I’m talking about, right? Finding Nemo! Like Dory, we just keep swimming on because we can. Because we have to. Because we can’t help but think things will keep getting better and better if we do. ūüôā

Hart Hanson is online again, and has been for a few days. Lots of stuff going on in the world, but he has mentioned The Finder in a couple of tweets. Most notably the one from a few hours ago.

Maybe I gave up on Finder too quickly? QT ‚ÄėUnforgettable‚Äô Will Return To CBS For Summer 2013 http://www.deadline.com/2012/06/unforgettable-returning-cbs-summer-2013-13-episodes/ via @nikkifinke

I call for a LOAD of tweets to him letting him know that whole he may have given up, WE HAVEN’T!!!!¬† He’s having second thoughts and this is the time to let him know that we are out here! That we are desperate to know what happens next! That without Walter, Leo, and Willa on the air next fall that the airwaves will be a lonely place!

It’s Saturday! Get those maps out! Send those emails! We may be down, but we are not out of this game yet! ūüôā

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Keep fighting

Hey everyone. Yep, we’re still here. We’re still fighting. I haven’t given up, and I can see that there are still a lot of you out there who aren’t ready to call this fight done yet.

Just as an example, another blogger named Scott had written a follow up on an earlier article about our movement. http://scottcouey.com/2012/06/18/the-finder-the-battle-continues/

The numbers of people on the Save the Finder Facebook page are still going up.

The numbers of fans on the official The Finder Facebook page are also still going up. Every day there are loads of new posts from people asking and wondering why Fox would kill such a neat and unique show. People saying “We want The Finder back!” “Don’t cancel The Finder!”

We still have people signing the petition and donating to help FIND a cure for cancer. We are a HAIR close to getting 15,000 names!

We need to settle in for the long haul. Keep getting friends and family to sign the petition, sending maps, writing, emailing, and tweeting to Fox and the advertisers.

Thanks everyone! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed!

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Great news!

We’ve had a bit of a break through today! A group on Twitter –¬†@NotNielsenBot – contacted me today wanting to know how they could help us out! This is FANTASTIC!!!! But we have to really show that we are serious about this and get our momentum rolling again!!!

In two days, the petition –¬†http://www.thepetitionsite.com/406/663/146/save-the-finder-on-fox/¬†– will be a month old. We are not at 15,000 names yet. That’s not even 500 names a day. Guys, we were averaging over 1,000 names a day for quite some time! The last week has really fallen off. I know that it’s because we’re starting to give up hope. Starting to think that our efforts have been in vain. But I’m saying that it’s way too soon to start thinking that way! It has only been a month, and for a good chunk of that time, the people who are in high places have been on vacation! We need to keep our efforts going because when these guys get back from vacation, do we want them to see that we gave up before we even really began? I certainly don’t!!!

It’s even more important now to get the attention of the ad companies as well! The Finder is still on reruns. So there are STILL ADS BEING SHOWN DURING THOSE TIME SLOTS! It’s a simple enough formula to go through! Instead of going to the kitchen for a pop or chips or something, just get on your computer or smartphone, and send out tweets to the advertisers you see! Takes just a couple of moments, but the pay off will be worth it! To make it even easier, just use this forumula –¬†‚Äú¬†@DoritosUSA I saw your ad during #TheFinder on @FOXBroadcasting. Thanks for supporting a great show! #SaveTheFinder #NotaNielsenFamily‚ÄĚ Copy / Paste and change the Twitter handle as necessary! Even if you’ve DVR’d the episode, don’t just fast-forward the commercials. Send out those Tweets, and try to fit in that it somehow. Perhaps just adding the words “with DVR” in there somehow would be enough. You might have to get creative with spacing and word usage, though! LOL It’s kind of long.

On the Save The Finder group page, one of the members, Joleen, took some extra time and even looked up Twitter info for the advertisers she saw during a couple of episodes. Here is the info she got for us!

Here is the list of twitter addresses for ALL the commercials on during the Finder episode “A Cinderella Story” 5/19…list is short as most were shown in the other episodes, so…

Mcdonalds: @McDonalds
Ram: @RamTrucks
Tires Plus: @TiresPlus
Crest: @Crest
Ford: @Ford

not sure about the following ads as one is a university & the other is a product that has no twitter page or a link, so…

Colorado Technical University: @ctuniversity
CLR: the Calcium Lime & Rust Cleaner…cant find a site or a twitter page

And another episode:

Here is the list of twitter addresses for ALL the commercials on during the Finder episode “Swing & a Miss” 5/26:

before the show started
Neosporin: no twitter, but they are by Johnson & Johnson: @JNJComm
Klondike: @Klondikebar
Jeep: @Jeep

during the show
Americas best contacts & eyeglasses: @Americas_Best
Maaco: @maaco
Eyeglass world: @EyeglassWorld
Safe auto: @SafeAuto
Dodge: @Dodge
Dove men + care: @DoveMenCare
Band aid: no twitter, but they are by johnson & johnson: @JNJComm
Honda: @Honda
Covergir:l @COVERGIRL
Chevrolet: @chevrolet

Prevacid: had no twitter, their link is: http://prevacid24hr.com/index.jsp
Town House Crackers: by Keebler, they have no twitter, their link is:http://www.keebler.com/

And another one:

Here is the list of twitter addresses for ALL the commercials on during last weeks 6/3 the Finder rerun episode:
Geico: @GEICO
Mtn Dew: @mtn_dew
Macy’s: @Macys
Nikon: @NikonUSA
Sprint: @sprint
Burger King: @BurgerKing
Visa: @TeamVisa
Rally’s: @checkersrallys
Cheerios: @CheeriosTweets
Kings Island: @KingsIslandPR
Tide: @tide
Fritolay: @Fritolay
Dreamworks “Madagascar 3D”: @DWAnimation
Acura: @Acura_Insider
Red Lobster: @redlobster
Goodwill: @GoodwillIntl
Pantene: @Pantene
Gillette: @Gillette

Head & Shoulders did a comm too, but there is no general twitter page, but there is one for H&S for Men which is the one that was advertised: @HSforMen

Also: ACT mouthwash had a comm too, but i couldnt find a twitter page, so here is their website: http://www.actfluoride.com/
same for Nu Finish no twitter page, so here is a link to their website:http://www.nufinish.com/

Joleen, THANK YOU for all that work! That is awesome!!!! *standing ovation*

Keep spreading the word. With the new interest from Twitter groups, it shows that our efforts ARE being noticed! This fight is not over!!!

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New attack front!

It’s been mentioned that Chuck fans did multiple things to get their show renewed after the second season when they were facing the ax. In this article¬†http://www.movieviral.com/2011/04/24/fans-campaign-to-save-chuck-by-tweeting-to-nbc-and-advertisers/¬†not only do they talk about getting advertiser’s attention, but also pointed out that the Nielsen rating system is an old way of checking viewer numbers. It certainly doesn’t take into account the number of viewers who use their dvr (I don’t think I could live without mine anymore!) as well as Hulu. The free Hulu service lets you watch a limited number of episodes with a week delay, and the premium Hulu Plus which lets you watch every episode as early as the day after the episode airs. There is nothing that keeps track of those numbers at all.

What I’m suggesting is way to get BOTH the advertiser’s attention, as well as to spot light that there are a lot viewers not accounted for with the Nielsen ratings. Whenever you tweet anything about The Finder, add the hashtag #NotaNielsenFamily. Even better… send tweets to the major advertisers! An example would be to say ”¬†@DoritosUSA I saw your ad during #TheFinder on @FOXBroadcasting. Thanks for supporting a great show! #SaveTheFinder #NotaNielsenFamily” This would actually be a three-pronged attack. It gets the word out to Doritos that their advertising is being noticed during a specific show. Lets Fox know that we are supporting the companies that pay the bills. And highlights the Save The Finder movement while pointing out that not everyone is accounted for on the Nielsens. (I think that actually makes it a four-pronged attack!)

So, while you’re watching the reruns, your dvr’ed copies, or even the ones off of Hulu (Hulu has advertisers as well!) during those ads, take a moment to Tweet the advertisers! It only takes a few seconds to find the advertiser on Twitter and then send them the message. (To make it even easier, go ahead and copy/paste the above message! It will fit!)

We need to keep up the fight and not give up. This is a hard time because we aren’t hearing anything to know if our efforts are being noticed, and it’s hard to keep going without the re-enforcement. But they always say the darkest hour is before the dawn. We need to keep pushing through and we CAN get our show back!

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