How To Donate

There are over 92,000 fans on the official Facebook “The Finder” page. Can you imagine if only half of those fans donated the minimum amount of $5 towards cancer research? That would raise over $230,000! Even if only ONE EIGHTH of the fans gave $5, that would still raise over $57,500! Don’t you think that Fox would pay attention to those numbers? They would almost have to! 

This is fairly straight forward, but make sure that you put in Walter Sherman’s name and put it in remembrance of The Finder! That will be the trick to getting this noticed! Another tip – if you’re planning on donating more then the $5 minimum, do it in $5 increments. For example: if you want to donate $20, send $5, four separate times.  Doing that will send off four more cards to the addresses, and create even more notice!

1. Go to the American Cancer Society donation page.

2. Fill in the blanks. But instead of entering your name use this info:
First Name: Walter
Last Name: Sherman
Email: use your own, so you can get confirmation of your donation, or if you don’t care, you can use  This would be useful in tracking donation amounts.
Yes, I would like to remember: The Finder
Amount: Whatever you would like to give. The smallest they can accept is $5.00.
Billing info: your own information

3. Click the “Donate” button.

The next screen will give you the option to send a card to someone. Go ahead and send a card to all the addresses.

Fox Broadcasting Co.
C/O The Finder
10201 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Mr. Kevin Reilly
President – FOX
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

This is how I entered the Fox address to make it look right in the address.

There is also an option to customize a greeting at the bottom. I left it as the generic greeting, but you can change it. If you do, make sure to keep it polite! 🙂

The last screen gives you a chance to share your donation. Spread the word and help to not only save a fantastic show, but help to find a cure for cancer!

One last request! If you could email me at with the amount you donated, I’ll keep a running total at the side. Thanks!


26 thoughts on “How To Donate

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  2. ClioTheMuse

    You can donate the minimum of $5 multiple times for more impact. Also, when you donate you can send up to 5 cards in the mail.

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  4. leo

    is there a way to donate in British Pounds? i would donate in Dollars but i kinda, sorta live in the wrong country

    • Let me do some checking on that! I’m not sure, but I think it’s great you want to help out! 😀

    • Leo, I still haven’t heard back, and will call tomorrow to see if I can get ahold of a live person. (Email takes awhile, I guess.) Were you able to donate, though? I did get a donation notification from someone from the UK. Thanks!

  5. Amber Fey

    Made my $5.00 donation!

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  7. ClioTheMuse

    Maybe we can get ACS onboard and ask them to set up a paypal address so that people around the world can donate?

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  14. Paul

    Donated, keep up the good work.

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