This site is made by a Finder fan in an attempt to do the impossible. Save The Finder from Fox’s axe. I found out today that Fox Network decided that The Finder did not have enough viewers to justify keeping it on the air for another season. I believe that they are wrong.

A few years ago, another station made a similar decision concerning a series. Fans of the show, Chuck, didn’t want to let go, and did something radically different. Instead of whining and signing useless petitions, they put together a campaign that was totally unique. They came up with the “Have a Heart, Save Chuck” movement. Everyone who participated made a donation, no matter how small, to the American Heart Association in the name of the main character, Chuck Bartowski. They also had an email sent to NBC executives, informing them of the donation.

This campaign WORKED. Chuck was not only renewed for a third season, but went on to have a total of five seasons. Not only that, but according to the website http://weheartchuck.blogspot.com/ they were also able to raise $18,135.94 for the American Heart Association. Now that is a real win!

I want to do the same thing for The Finder. And I think that the “impossible” task, is not so impossible. Fighting cancer and finding a cure for cancer is dearly important to me. I believe that if we can get enough people together, we can make a huge impact on the executives at Fox. And maybe, just maybe, we can raise a bunch of money to help FIND a cure!

Keep this page going. It is my hope to have this movement go viral. And maybe, even if the people in charge at Fox won’t pick up The Finder, maybe another station will! It’s been done before. Let’s do it again! Info on how to donate is here: Donate to the American Cancer Society.


All things about The Finder and the characters in the show belong to Fox.


9 thoughts on “About

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  3. Stacie

    Just an FYI! I just donated $5.00

  4. Tim

    Sent them $20, Didn’t see the suggestion to send 4 – $5 till after, but we can’t be perfect.

    • Tim, I’m sorry about that. I will add it to the directions at the top for the next person. Thanks for an AWESOME donation!

  5. Dory

    I’ll donate and so will my mom and I’ll send the links to my friends who watched the show! It’s both a great show and great cause.

  6. Roslan

    Dont cancel my favorite show !

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