New attack front!

It’s been mentioned that Chuck fans did multiple things to get their show renewed after the second season when they were facing the ax. In this article not only do they talk about getting advertiser’s attention, but also pointed out that the Nielsen rating system is an old way of checking viewer numbers. It certainly doesn’t take into account the number of viewers who use their dvr (I don’t think I could live without mine anymore!) as well as Hulu. The free Hulu service lets you watch a limited number of episodes with a week delay, and the premium Hulu Plus which lets you watch every episode as early as the day after the episode airs. There is nothing that keeps track of those numbers at all.

What I’m suggesting is way to get BOTH the advertiser’s attention, as well as to spot light that there are a lot viewers not accounted for with the Nielsen ratings. Whenever you tweet anything about The Finder, add the hashtag #NotaNielsenFamily. Even better… send tweets to the major advertisers! An example would be to say ” @DoritosUSA I saw your ad during #TheFinder on @FOXBroadcasting. Thanks for supporting a great show! #SaveTheFinder #NotaNielsenFamily” This would actually be a three-pronged attack. It gets the word out to Doritos that their advertising is being noticed during a specific show. Lets Fox know that we are supporting the companies that pay the bills. And highlights the Save The Finder movement while pointing out that not everyone is accounted for on the Nielsens. (I think that actually makes it a four-pronged attack!)

So, while you’re watching the reruns, your dvr’ed copies, or even the ones off of Hulu (Hulu has advertisers as well!) during those ads, take a moment to Tweet the advertisers! It only takes a few seconds to find the advertiser on Twitter and then send them the message. (To make it even easier, go ahead and copy/paste the above message! It will fit!)

We need to keep up the fight and not give up. This is a hard time because we aren’t hearing anything to know if our efforts are being noticed, and it’s hard to keep going without the re-enforcement. But they always say the darkest hour is before the dawn. We need to keep pushing through and we CAN get our show back!

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