Raising the bar

Last night I was suffering from a bit of insomnia, so I decided to check my email. I was happy to see that we had a couple of new donations reported. I was also very surprised to see the following email…

I wanted to let you know that I donated in Walter’s name to ACS in the amount of $55.  I loved the idea of doing it in $5 increments but I currently am based in Indonesia and thought it would cause problems with my credit card company if I did it that way.  They may think it was a stolen credit card and I didn’t want them to freeze/cancel my card.  I did break that amount into 2 transactions so at least a few more cards will go to the people at FOX.

Christa H.
Okay guys…. This is a Finder fan from INDONESIA!!! And not only did she donate $5. But she donated $55!!!! This is exactly what I”m talking about. People who are willing to do more than just lie down and moan about how awful Fox is for cancelling The Finder and how there isn’t anything good on tv anymore. Christa went above and beyond to make her point to Fox to say “Look, I love this show. I support it. And I really want to see it back on the air!”
If a fan in Indonesia can step up and and do this, then how about the American fans? Let’s show Fox how much we love our show. Get that petition signed. Donate to help FIND a cure for cancer in Walter Sherman’s name. Even if all you can do is the $5 minimum, it is still a chance to send out five cards to Fox. We just need to push through this summer slump and get it done! 🙂
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One thought on “Raising the bar

  1. MICHAEL CLARK DUNCAN is gone… if they are going to continue the show I am curious on how will they move around michael’s character?

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