Call to action

Over the past week or so, action in our movement has been declining. Views have been going down. The names going on the petition have been slowing. There are fewer tweets going out. Were are losing our momentum.

This is what is called a cross-road. We can either throw our hands up in the air, say that it’s impossible to fight Fox on this, and just roll over and accept the decision the TV gods have made for us. Or we can continue to fight.

We haven’t heard anything about whether or efforts are making any kind of difference because Fox fully expects our movement to fizzle out. They know that the vast majority of people are lazy. Yes, some will put up a bit of a fuss. They  will cry and stomp their feet and say they will never watch Fox again. And that will last maybe a month. Then everyone will forget their “sworn oath” to boycott Fox, and life will go on as usual. So what do they really have to lose by being quiet? Not a damn thing. And judging by the way the numbers are dropping like flies, they’re right.

There are over 90,000 fans on The Finder facebook page. Yet, we’re not even at 14,000 names on the petition. There are over 3,000 fans on the Save The Finder page and we’ve had barely over $200 in donations. Every day, I see new posts on The Finder facebook page, and how they can’t believe that Fox has cancelled such a great show. Yet, how many of these people are willing to do anything to save their show? If our movement is unsuccessful, it is no longer Fox’s fault. The only ones we can blame is ourselves. The ones that are willing to cry and complain and call Fox names and swear that they’re never going to watch anything Fox puts out any more. The same ones that can’t take 15 seconds to fill out a form on a petition site. The same ones who can’t take 5 minutes to donate $5 to cancer in the name of Walter Sherman in order to FIND a cure. The same ones who can’t take 10 minutes and a stamp to mail out a map or a letter to Fox headquarters. But they had plenty of time to whine about how horrible Fox is and how they don’t listen to their viewers.

There is an old story about two farmers sitting on the porch, talking. On the porch with them was a dog that every few moments, would let out a painful howl. It was obvious the dog was hurting, but the dog’s owner just ignored it and kept on talking with his friend. Finally, the friend asked him why he isn’t doing anything for the dog. The farmer looked at the dog and shrugged. “He’s lying on a nail and it hurts him,” he said. The friend was confused, and asked why doesn’t the dog just move instead of howling all the time. To which the farmer replied, “Guess it doesn’t hurt him enough to move off it.”

Fox is the farmer, and the dog is The Finder fans. I do not want to be the lazy, howling dog. I hope that I’ve shown Fox that this fan is NOT going to just give up. I plan on keeping up with this blog and tweeting and mailing maps and whatever campaign we decide to do, as long as there are people who are typing “how to save the finder” in their search bars.

As I said, this is a cross-road. We can either let our momentum continue to fall, and Fox can just laugh and say “see, we knew they couldn’t keep it up”, or we can show them that we’re serious. If anyone reading this has thought about signing the petition or mailing a map or donating $5 to help find a cure, THIS is the time to do so. Don’t be the lazy dog. Get up and do something!

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6 thoughts on “Call to action

  1. Stephanie Trump Marrero

    I’m here! I’m staying! I do wish we had some kind of idea if we are making an impact or being heard. But I still want my show back!

  2. i RTed, pinned, emailed, and liked on FB…..this is a well-written cautionary tale, as well as a triumphant call to arms!!! come on people, ACT UP!!!!!

    • Kathie, you are one of the banner-carriers! You have done a LOT in getting the word out and I applaud you for it!!!Thanks for everything!

      • thank you……my 70s girl within is reallllly pissed and wants to DO something….lol………..

  3. jessie ripley

    I hope they really do change their minds and keep the Finder. The show was fun to watch. Everyone had great chemistry and the writing was well done.

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