Still here!

I’m still around, and still fighting to get The Finder back on the air. I hope everyone was able to have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. đŸ™‚

The petition is going great! We’ve topped 13,300 names and still going! We are still spreading the word, still trying to get as many people as possible to sign it.

Looks like we have another mission! Operation: Like Everything! The plan is that at 8pm EST (7pm CST / 6pm MST / 5pm PST) we’re to go to the official The Finder facebook page. And start “liking” everything we can. Posts. Photos. Albums. ANYTHING you can see. We want to totally blow up their notifications all at the same time. Here’s a countdown timer to help!

Keep on fighting everyone! We can’t let the summer slump distract us from our goal. Every day there are people posting on the Finder Facebook page that they just found out about the cancellation. These are people who haven’t been in the fight with us. We need to keep informing all of our fellow fans that we are NOT giving up on this. We are going to do everything possible to let FOX know that they made a terrible mistake in cancelling one of the best shows to hit the air in years!

Keep sharing. Keep tweeting. Keep emailing. Keep fighting!

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4 thoughts on “Still here!

  1. thanks for all your efforts!!!

  2. CasseroleN

    SOOO excited for this event!! Thanks for posting about it!!!

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