Your thoughts on Season 2

It’s been a week since the season finale of The Finder. I’m only saying season, and not series, as I am in firm belief that all the work everyone is doing is going to change some minds. I’d totally love for it to stay on Fox, as it’s a station I get, and it would be a lot easier for them to just say “Whoops, we goofed up and totally misunderstood the fan base. The Finder will be back for another season.” Then we get to keep all the same writers, the same actors (possibly minus Mercedes Masohn as she has another show she’s with now) and the same crew that made The Finder the totally awesome show that it is now. But I’m not going to lie, I would rather have it on USA or FX with a couple of changes (as long as they don’t totally mess up the show!) as long as it’s on the air!

So when we have a Season 2, what would everyone like to see? What do you think is going to happen? There were SOOOO many loose ends on the last show that it could literally go anywhere! There are so many possibilities for story lines, and I think the writers did a fantastic job keeping everyone on edge and talking about this show for the summer hiatus.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

The last we saw of Isabel, she was giving up her badge. I think that pretty much spells bad news for her. I know she had big dreams for her future, but she totally did the right thing by helping Walter find his mom, despite the repercussions. I imagine that she will find a new direction for her energy and talents. For some reason I think bounty hunter fits her. It’s not a big glamorous job with the govt, but she’d still be able to fight crime and carry around a gun.

I think Leo is going to be lost for awhile. He put a lot of his energy and his life into being Walter’s “lovely assistant” (hee hee) and watching after Willa, that he’s going to hit a  bad low point in his life. Think of the episode that had his daughter’s birthday in it, and how he fought with himself. However, I think he’ll pull it together because Walter will need help with the criminal charges he has.

Speaking of Walter… Yup, he’s going to jail. Not for as long as we think, though. With Leo’s help, as well as the help of a lot of friends in high places (think photo of him shaking Obama’s hand) he’s going to end up either being charged with something a lot less serious, or having charges dropped against him completely. Those bad dudes he killed? I don’t think it will make a difference. Bad dudes generally dispose of their own bad dudes because they don’t want to involve the law.

I haven’t forgotten Willa. I haven’t decided if Uncle Shad or Timo is going to hire Walter to look for her, or if she’ll end up sending a letter to Walter or Leo (probably Leo, she definitely looked up to him at the end) asking for help getting out of a jam she managed to get in. (I’m thinking she tried to con someone she shouldn’t have and is either trapped or on the run from them in a big way.) I’m actually leaning toward Timo asking for help. I’m not a Willa/Timo shipper. I totally didn’t see any sparks there with them – though Amber has been trying to get me to see other wise. LOL But I think Uncle Shad maybe promised Timo that he could marry Magdalena (I think that’s how it’s spelled) if he got Willa to come back to the family. I think Walter and Leo – with Isabel’s help – will find Willa just in time to save her from something (cliche’ ? maybe) and despite not wanting to get pulled back into her gypsy family, she’s going to realize how much she missed Walter and Leo (and yes, Isabel) and come back home with them.

I think we’ll get to have some fun with Uncle Shad and the family, as well as some good times with a big gypsy wedding for Timo and his girl. That has all sorts of interesting possibilities!!!

So, what do you think? Think I’m totally off base? Have some better thoughts??? Put them down in the comments below! Let’s get a good discussion going. 😀

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16 thoughts on “Your thoughts on Season 2

  1. CasseroleN

    Well obviously the first episode of the season has to be a ‘getting the team back together’ episode! And I want to see an episode with Leo and Willa!! You can tell that Willa was finally starting to accept Leo’s compassion for her and I would love to see their relationship develop more! I wanna see the softer side of Willa! But honestly I don’t really care what happens I just love the team and want them back another season!!!

    • I think getting the team back together should be a two parter. 🙂 There is just so much they can do with it, I don’t want them to rush through it. A Willa and Leo episode would rock!

  2. kristin

    Dont you just see Walter sitting somewhere, maybe a bar or on the beach and as Willa walks up/by..”Did you really think i couldnt find you” or whatever…sneak attack..

  3. Geegee

    I think Walter has a good case of self defense, doesn’t Florida have that law where you can defend yourself with deadly force if needed?

    • He’s more in trouble about exposing a person who is witness protection than for killing the three bad guys. He was told that if he kept looking for his mom, he could wind up in jail for years.

  4. kristin

    They definitely need more Bones crossovers! Dr Sweets was amazing! And of course Hodgins was crazy perfect!

  5. DD

    Walter definitely gets to plea bargin a deal to be released as long as ge finds something for the government that threatens national security.

  6. Zen

    The whole Wilma/Timo forced marriage is a ludicrous misrepresentation of both Romani and Traveller cultures in this country. And there is NO WAY Wilma is Romani, no matter how often she claims to be “gypsy” – unless of course you believe the old slander of the Romani, that they kidnap bad little children. In fact none of the so-called “gypsies” ever portrayed on that show are even remotely related to any actual Romani anywhere, let alone in this country. Might could pull off Wilma and her kin as Irish Travellers, but they’re not doing a very good job of that either. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show – but the on-going “drama” over Wilma’s supposed arranged marriage is just ridiculous. In the first place forced marriages just don’t happen in Traveller communities (and lets agree right off there is no way the show can pull off the whole “Gypsy” angle, but even if they were to persist in that Gypsies don’t do that either, at least not in the US). It’s true that historically it isn’t uncommon for marriages to be “arranged” by families at the birth of children, but it’s also pretty common for those arrangements to be broken. In Timo’s case it’s simplicity itself – the young man elopes with the object of his affection, there’s some minor kerfuffle, then everybody settles down and forgives the erring couple. The truth is no Traveller or Romani family would permit this abuse of their children by forcing 2 teenagers, neither of whom has any interest in the other, into a marriage nobody seems to want except one old creep. Most Travellers are in their 20s before they marry; the forced marriage of 2 minors would have just as many people in the Traveller community up in arms as it would in any other US subculture.

    Simple solution to this non-problem would involve the overthrow of Shadrack as having far, FAR overstepped his bounds as “leader” of the local Travellers (if he is that) or as having abused his custodianship of the children involved (if he has that either). Love the show; hate the whole faux-Gypsy thing. It’s bigoted.

    As far as a Bones crossover – I can see Booth turning to his old buddy for help finding Temperance. Say, the super-genius she’s running from catches up with them, Temperance is forced to flee with the baby, her Dad is seriously wounded and in a coma in the hospital, but the attack was witnessed and between that and evidence turned up by the team everybody now knows the evil genius is, indeed, evil (they’ve also found and traced his bugging of the home), but he’s still on the loose and Temperance no longer has the help and connections of her dad. So now the race is on to find Temperance before Evil Genius finds her.

    Witness protection is not going to jail the two sons of a witness for finding her, whether or not they were warned – keep in mind BOTH sons are responsible for breaking their mother’s cover. For one thing the witness would never stand for it. Can you seriously imagine incarcerating the two grown law-abiding sons of a witness, one of them a decorated war hero, for finding their mother so she could say goodbye to their dying father?

    Also, there are protocols in place for sometimes allowing limited contact under special circumstances via intermediaries. At the very least Mom should have been moved once it became plain her sons were looking for her, even if no messages would be allowed. The mother could have been informed of what was going on; she clearly wasn’t. Any number of protocols are in place to handle situations like this and clearly the agent in charge followed none of them. I vote for having her demoted and stationed in Podunk, Alaska for the rest of her career. C’mon, they DIDN’T put a watch on the boys after finding out they were looking for mom? Seriously? Ol’ sourpuss is clearly not only soulless, she’s incompetent as well. As for the killings – Walter actually only killed one of the 3. The other two shot each other. And it’s not clear that Walter actually killed the one who’s neck he broke, given the guy had already been shot at least twice (or more) by his cohorts. He may already have been dead or dying. I don’t think it’ll be much of a problem to get Walter off/out.

    The question is, will Fox (notorious for canceling great shows for little or no reason) actually do it?

    I sure hope so. 13 episodes and I was just really starting to get into the show, and it was just starting to find it’s sea legs (despite the whole gypsy bigotry thing)

    • Zen, Thanks for the thought-provoking discussion. I guess I hadn’t really thought about how they were portraying the Romani/Gypsy/Traveler cultures. (We don’t exactly see a lot of Travelers in Northern MN… at least that I’m aware of!) I know that it was very briefly discussed about their ages when Willa went to her parole officer trying to get out of it. She said that both Willa and Timo are of age, so there wasn’t anything she could do to stop it. Honestly… their family gives more of an Italian mob feel than anything else with the “head of the family” in Uncle Shad. I guess that people don’t really take what they see on tv all that seriously. Otherwise, we would really think that people in New Jersey were all like Jersey Shore, or that everyone in Minnesota and North Dakota were like the people on the movie “Fargo”. (Which totally cracks me up… Fargo is in ND, yet the movie is based in MN. And no… people up here don’t really talk like that. *wink* )

      As I haven’t seen the Bones finale yet (I know, I know… I’m just putting it off because I hate the long wait in the summer!) so I skipped that part. LOL

      As for Fox… I’m still upset with them putting Dark Angel in the time slot of death. Once I found out that The Finder was in that slot, I wondered if it was doomed as well.

      Thanks for the long post! I love discussions!

      • kristin

        Dark Angel fan! me too! And live in MN! Then they did the same to Dollhouse! Fox just doesnt realize what they have.

    • Mac

      I happened to love the whole Gypsy thing. Yes, it was ridiculously unrealistic, but I loved the story line! (Even though I was routing for Tima and Willa to get married.) As long as you don’t take a TV show too seriously it was great! And I don’t think the show will ever come back. It sucks, but that’s what Fox does. They cancel great shows and replace them with absolute crap. At the end of season 1 there were so many loose ends that I think it was just unfair of them to cancel. You just can’t do that!! But now I have a bunch of stories bouncing around in my head and many ways I can go with the story. It would be nice to have the actual show to watch, but since that’s probably not going to happen, this is the next best thing.

  7. david

    So it HAS been cancelled by fox…

    Do you think another channel might take it up?!

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