Friday totals

It was a little quieter in the Finder world yesterday. Site hits were down to 423, but the countries included some new ones I hadn’t seen yet. 🙂 US, Canada, United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, and Israel.

The link to the cancer donation page had several more hits than usual, so that’s good. One thing I need to remind people…. unless you send me an email or use the email on the donation form, I don’t receive any notices on donations. If you donated yesterday, could you either email me or drop a note in the comments below? Thanks! And remember to make that donation in the name of Walter Sherman in memory of The Finder!

The petition site has 7,742 petitions as of 10:15 on this fine Saturday morning. 🙂 That’s great! I wonder if we can hit 10,000 by Sunday evening? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Word is still spreading about The Finder being cancelled. A lot of people aren’t even finding out until they try to see what next season will hold…. only to find out there isn’t going to be a next season. Well, those folks at Fox don’t know us too well, do they? We’re not giving up on this until someone, somewhere, pays attention and decides to pick it up for a Season 2. There is the Send A Map event on May 26th that is certainly going to raise some eyebrows!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! Share, Tweet, Email to your heart’s content and get the word out!!! 🙂

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One thought on “Friday totals

  1. CasseroleN

    I have been pushing the Send a Map Event a lot because I feel like physical objects will get their attention better than online signatures, although the combination of both will REALLY get them!

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