Wednesday Update

I’m starting to run out of adjectives at the incredible response that Finder Fans are showing. It’s been another record-setting day today and I’m just amazed at how everyone is pulling together.

First up is the total of cancer donations. We’re short on the challenge I put out, but I’m not complaining! We had our biggest day of donations yet, bringing in $55 today for a total of $125. Including one donation from the United Kingdom! Let’s push through tomorrow and hit that $200 mark! If anyone can find a cure for cancer, it’s the fans of The Finder!

Site stats hit another high as well. A total of 545 hits today! Country breakdown is US, United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal, Poland, Philippines, Croatia, Egypt, Belgium, Sweden, and Australia! In a few more days, I’ll do a summery of total hits and how many from each country. The list of countries is HUGE! The most popular link on the site is to the Facebook Send A Map event. Followed by hits to the Save The Finder Petition.

As for that petition…. 😀   Despite having a rough afternoon where a lot of people couldn’t get through on the site, I’m thrilled to say that they are sitting at over 6,000 signatures!!! These are some numbers that are going to start getting some attention real soon.

Don’t forget about the Send a Map event. I also added info on this site (there is a link at the top of the page) so that it’s easier to share with those who aren’t on Facebook. Or even online for that matter! You could print it off, and give the info to family and friends. You could even leave the info in the breakroom at work! Don’t forget about Pinterest while you’re at it.

Thanks again to everyone who is working together, sharing, donating, mailing, emailing, tweeting, and doing everything they can to get the networks interested in saving our show.

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