Short ‘n Sweet

Hey everyone! It’s been a crazy day for me full of personal details, and that’s why I’ve been a bit absent today. But it looks like the Finder Fans haven’t lost any of their momentum. I’m not going to give a full update – I’ll save that for tonight, but wanted to hit a few highlights!

The petition has been going strong today! 6,919 signatures today!!!!! Way to keep going! We’re going to hit 7,000 tonight!!!!! Woohooo!!!!!

This site is trending strong to at least match, if not pass, yesterday’s numbers. Lots of hits. Lots of countries. ­čÖé

We are lacking in one major area, though. Not a single donation today. I absolutely LOVE that the petition is getting so many names. I think that the sheer number of signatures on it is sure to impress even the most skeptical at the tv networks. But everything I’ve ever heard of petitions and movements says that you have to do more than digitally sign your name. Actually placing a physical object in front of someone will give more credibility to what you’re trying to do. It sends a message to the person who receives it that says a real person touched this. A real person believed in this cause so much that they took time out of their busy day to make sure that I got this.

That’s why the two events… the Send a Map event, and the Find a Cure event are SOOOO important to saving our show. That’s why Jericho was successful by sending in tons of nuts. The act of physically receiving those nuts was a lot harder for the executives to ignore than a petition they didn’t have to think about once they turned off the computer. Sending maps is a great idea. What an awesome way to show off the view demographics than by physically showing them our states and town. “We are HERE and WE WANT OUR SHOW BACK!” ┬áSending dozens, if not hundreds, or even thousands of maps will be quite the statement!

And the Find a Cure movement….. it’s hard for me to be more objective about this one. As I’ve said before, my life has been affected by cancer. My family has lost several loved ones to this awful disease and we have several others who are fighting it still. Those who have watched as a family member slowly succumb to such an evil disease cannot be dismissive of it. And to those who have fought and won, you are incredible to me. You are my heros. The fight against cancer. The fight to find a cure. It’s something I believe in strongly. I admit, I do look for ways to help raise cancer research awareness. And having the fans of The Finder help to find that cure…. It was a feeling of┬áserendipity! ­čÖé

I don’t want to be a pest about this, but I really and truly do think that between the petition, the maps, and the find a cure movements, the one that will really turn heads will be the find a cure one. Nothing tells people that you really mean what you say like putting your money where your mouth is. And with every donation, you are not only doing that, but you are putting a card in the mail to the networks as well. So you are also sending them that physical feedback as well. Not to mention that you are helping to fund an important charity. ­čÖé All it takes is $5. For most of us, we can find that much left over in our pockets at the end of the week. Take just a few moments to fill out the donation form and make sure it’s in Walter Sherman’s name in memory of The Finder.

Definitely don’t discount the petition. That in and of itself is an incredible┬átestament┬áto how many loyal fans we have out there! And to get that many signatures in less than a week after the last episode is really amazing. I love that the Finder Fan community is willing to do more than just moan and groan. They are fighting to get our show back on the air!

I said I’d keep this short and sweet, so I am. Look for a complete update later on!

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8 thoughts on “Short ‘n Sweet

  1. kathie larsyn

    you are an amazing woman……and i will be donating tomorrow……i am a survivor of breast cancer, and this cause is important to me on so many levels……thanks!!

  2. I’m from the Philippines and I LOVE The Finder! It’s one of those shows that I can’t stop watching. What a great idea. I’ll send in my map!

  3. kathie larsyn

    well, color me clueless, but i can’t find the post/directions/donation form….i want to send my five dollars in walter’s name……to whom? i am sure there is a way to make sure the network knows, and the mone goes to the right place, but i can’t quite figure it out….help, please?

  4. Good site, thanks for share this article with us

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