Busy day!

Fans have been busy in their quest to save The Finder! Looks like Fox disabled the ability for fans to post on their official Facebook  page. Oops. 🙂 Guess we annoyed them. Darn it all. 😉  Totals on the petition site are still rising despite the site being glitchy today. Looks like it’s up to 5,771 as of about 4pm today. We’ve also had a lot of donations in today. We’re up to $115, which is great! I still think we can hit $200 today! Most of our donations seem to come in during the evening, so this is totally do-able!

The Send a Map event is the most clicked link on the site! I think that both Fox and USA are going to be a little on the shocked side when their mail starts pouring in at the end of the month!!! I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that. 🙂

I’ve also heard that someone was able to google the phone number for Fox President Kevin Reilly. I’m not going to post the phone number, simply because you won’t actually get through to him. You’ll get a secretary who I believe is probably been harassed to death by Finder fans calling today. LOL I would like to take a moment to point out that it isn’t her fault the show got cancelled, so if you do call, be nice. We don’t want to associate negativity, rudeness, vulgarity or anything else with our movement. In all of our communication with Fox, we need to remember that you will get farther by being nice than by swearing, calling names, or threatening. My day job is working at a retail store. I’ve been sworn at enough to last a lifetime over things I’ve had absolutely no control over, and all it does is make me hate the person doing the swearing and not want to do anything for them. So, just to repeat, keep it nice and polite. Do you think USA wants to pick up a bunch of mean, ill-tempered fans? 🙂

Thanks again everyone! The way the hits are coming today, we’re going to break another record with the site stats! Keep sharing!!!

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