Send a Map Event

Amber, the creator of the Save The Finder group on Facebook, has put together an event that sounds like it could be fun! On May 26th, we’re to go to the post office and mail a map to the president of Fox, with the words “Save The Finder” written on the middle of it. That would be pretty cool to think of the flood of maps Mr. Kevin Reilly would be getting!!!

Details can be found here if you’re on Facebook Send a Map!!!  or here if you’re not!

In the meantime, while you’re getting your map ready to mail off, also take a few moments to send a donation to the American Cancer Society! You can choose up to 5 addresses to have cards mailed to, and that’s another way to get mail sent to Fox and the USA Network to let them know how serious we are about saving The Finder!

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7 thoughts on “Send a Map Event

  1. CasseroleN


  2. ClioTheMuse

    Even if you can’t go out and buy a map, you can easily print one from a web site such as:

    I have several legal addresses and I plan to send at least one from each!

  3. ClioTheMuse

    Also, could we maybe have full details on the even a top linked page (like the “how to donate” page) so we can send the link to someone who isn’t on facebook?

  4. Love the idea

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