For only $5, you can buy….

1. a combo meal at McDonald’s

2. a 12 pack of pop and some chips

3. a movie out of the value bin

4. a matinee movie on Saturday afternoon

5. a couple of cheap frozen pizzas

6. some seeds to plant a garden

7. band-aids that look like bacon (totally not kidding)

8. about a gallon and a half of gas (less in some areas!)

9. a used video game

10. five candy bars

In other words…. $5 doesn’t seem to get you very far today. But for $5, you can donate to a really worthy cause and make a statement to not only FOX, but any other tv network out there that might be considering new shows to pick up. I saw on Twitter this morning that we’ve caught the attention of @MSNtv. I think that’s pretty incredible! It’s only 12:45 pm here, and the site has already had just under a hundred hits today. This movement IS getting noticed!

Take a few moments, go to the American Cancer Society page, and make that $5 donation in the name of the Finder himself, Walter Sherman, and really make a statement about how much you love this show. This is going to be much better than that really cheap pizza you were considering buying anyway. (Although the bacon band-aids would be totally fun! LOL)


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