Whoops – Twitter issue

Yep. I managed to get my Twitter account suspended. Twice. In the same day. Go me! 🙂 I’ve contacted Twitter about this, as I know I haven’t broken the rules about posting or following (the rules talk about posting and/or following hundreds of people – I was up to about 25 follows and 27 posts *eye roll*)

So… if you were wondering where @keepthefinder went on Twitter, that’s what’s happened. I’m not a spammer. I’m not scamming. I’m definitely not phishing. And I’ll still at least be on Facebook and working on this site as well.

In the meantime, if you wanted to go ahead and tweet about keepthefinder.wordpress.com then go right on ahead. I won’t stop you. 😉  Just a reminder… the donations do NOT go through me. You make them straight on the American Cancer Society’s webpage. I actually don’t want to know anything about your payment accounts or anything. The only thing I do wish to know is how much you donated so I can update the total at the side of the screen there.

Thanks for all the support everyone!

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