Working together!

We need to work together and really make an impression on Fox. This is not the time to start on a rant or start putting posts full of swearing and cussing and threats on Fox’s Facebook page, or in emails to them. Let’s do something POSITIVE!

Chuck was saved at the end of its second season by the fans banding together with their “Have a Heart” campaign, in which they donated to the American Heart Association. They raised over $18,000 and managed to get NBC’s attention! I think we can do the same, but since this is The Finder, let’s make it about finding a cure to cancer.

I really think this will work, but it needs to start now! Go to the donation page, read how to send a donation from Walter Sherman (it can be as little as $5!) and get a card sent to the Fox executives. THIS will catch their attention in a major way! There are 81,000 fans on the official The Finder Facebook page alone. Can you imagine if only HALF of  us sent in $5 to the American Cancer Society in Walter’s name? That would raise over $200,000 in cancer funding to help FIND a cure – I think Fox would pay a little bit of attention to that!!!

The donations don’t funnel through me first. This isn’t a scam. The link is directly to the American Cancer Society. If you don’t trust the link, go to their site directly. Just make sure to use Walter’s name, and make sure to send a card to Fox. That’s all it would take.

I really think this will work. We just need to get it going!!! And by all means, go ahead and sign the petitions and send them emails. Just keep it clean and keep it positive!!! 🙂

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