Another suggestion!

I still think that making donations to the American Cancer Society is the absolute BEST way to get our fan base noticed and taken seriously. But since Fox tends to be a bit…. stubborn…. when it comes to listening to their viewers, then here’s another option!

Go to
Scroll all the way to the bottom to the email form.
Choose the topic: “USA Network Programming (Shows, Movies, Specials)”
Under program, choose: “Suggest A Program”

Then fill in exactly WHY the USA Network should consider picking up The Finder!

Every idea is a good one!

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6 thoughts on “Another suggestion!

  1. CasseroleN

    Perfect!!!! Everyone can even put a link to our petition
    which has lots of heart felt comments about why people love The Finder!!!

    • That is also a good idea! I just hope everyone remains positive in their comments. Fox is not going to look favorably on a bunch of posts containing swearing or threats!

  2. CasseroleN

    The petitioners are actually leaving very wonderful comments on that page!! I love reading a lot of them!!!

  3. That’s great!!!

  4. Georgia Ave-Lallemant

    FOX is not likely to renew The Finder. I think the best effort is to focus on petitioning USA Network to pick up the show.

  5. I thought USA would be a great home too! Off to ‘suggest’ !!!

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